The authors of the Report express thanks to:

  1. A company “Soglasie” – for financial help in conducting research and creation of this Report.
  2. Streltsov Eduard Konstantinovich – a candidate of science in Techniques, a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a head of a laboratory of State Scientific-Research Tractor Institute NATI for technical consultation.
  3. Chierny Ivan – a head of a logging machinery subdivision of a group «MARTIMEX-ALFA» for consultation on elaboration of new machinery.
  4. Veretennikov Sergey – a project manager on hard equipment belonging to «ARGUS LIMITED» for help in agreement of possibility of new machinery creation.
  5. Loukyantsev Sergey Mikhaylovich – a deputy chief of a cargo ferry service and a service of commercial work of Northern railroad for consultation about transit by rail freightage.
  6. a team of a company “Logging Enterprise Cimskoe” – for patience and understanding shown during conducting of our experiments.
  7. as well as to Kotelnikov Alexey Alexandrovich (deceased), Natarov Nikolay Rozhdenovich (deceased), Maslov Philipp Andreevich (deceased), Bezhenar Zhanna Vladimirovna (deceased), Fedorov Leonid Germanovich, Tsoubera Mary Ivanovna, Pozhelenkov Pavel Petrovich, Svistov Vladimir Alexandrovich, Shvachko Vladimir Andreevich, Georgiev Nikolay Stoychev, Palev Vasiliy Andreevich, Bakhshiev Agabek Osman-ogly, Finagina Helen Pavlovna, Ilyina Nadezhda Vladimirovna, Vaneeva Helen Vasilyevna, Nagornaya Katherine Vladimirovna, Egorkin Vladimir Andreevich, Simonyan Michael Eduardovich, Bezhenar Vladimir Kirillovich, Sherbakov Alexander Alexandrovich, Kharina Larissa Alexeevna, Naumov Valeriy Valentinovich, Karataevsky Roman Alexandrovich, Kravchouk Alexander Vasilyevich, Kodanev Sergey Mikhaylovich and Ian F.Lloyd for everything they have done for us.
  8. EVERYONE, who helped and supported us in our beginnings