Instead of introduction.

When investing into production, based on processing of raw material, it is necessary to take into account prospect of change of raw material’s value. Potential raw-material processor works for independent extraction in order to optimize technological and economical aspects of an industrial process. Sooner or later, the extraction of raw material will demand from the investor expenses, which level of payback will depend on the selected industrial and management strategy.

Project’s aims.

The aim is to get well-grounded answers to the following questions:

Line of work.

All the following lines of work consist of theoretical research, creation of essential infrastructure, data from tests, conducted on the basis of an experimental enterprise (where it was possible) and results of numerical simulating. Restrictions are bound up with the Northwestern part of European Russia, though data and conclusions could in many respects be applied in other regions of the country.
  1. Study of existing timber resources, system and infrastructure of forest management.
  2. Study of structure of expenses when applying the existing technologies (including foreign experience).
  3. Study of existing labour resources and manpower training.
  4. Study of market and dynamics of prices on raw material and production.
  5. Creation and introduction of an accounting system on the experimental enterprise taking into consideration specificity of activity with possibility of full remote control. Study of possible expansion of the mentioned system on a group of enterprises.
  6. Organization of quality control system and sale scheme. Product structure optimization considering consumers’ requests in order to gain maximum revenue.
  7. Approbation of various systems of remuneration of labour, production and control management.
  8. Analysis of possible productivity of various equipment and technologies.
  9. Revelation of critical sections in industrial process, establishing their reasons and methods of solution.
  10. Numerical simulating of both experimental enterprise and diverse variants of logging enterprises using modern equipment and considering possible seasonality of work.
  11. Research on the possibility of primary processing of production on a logging enterprise and effects of its introduction.
  12. Selection of variants for construction of promising enterprises or modernization of the existing ones depending customer’s requests.