1. Timber resources, road network. Timber resources maps, resources of timber on hectare and extension of roads in regions.
  2. Description of the experimental enterprise with photographs.
  3. Output goods, technical conditions.
  4. Prices on production, raw materials and transportation.
  5. Description of machinery, used at the enterprise.
  6. Western felling and timber-carrying machinery.
  7. Organizational structure of the enterprise and staff.
  8. Some results of numerical modeling and comparison of results.
  9. Preparing of green chips at the stamp.
  10. Description of the timber sales control program.
  11. Description of the resawing operation program.
  12. Description of the salary program. The calculation algorithm.
  13. Authors’ CVs.
  14. Statistical data on the North-West Administrative Region and Republic of Komi.
  15. Simplified presentation of the present issue.
  16. Comparison of methods of cut-to-length and tree-length logging on the example of Canada.
  17. Photographs: nature and people.
  18. Specialists’ opinions.
  19. Bibliography.