11. Research on the possibility of primary processing of production on timber enterprise and effects of its introduction.

On the experimental enterprise a sawing workshop was launched on the basis of two engineering tools LB-100 (Danilovsky enterprise). Outcome when using optimal man-hour ranges from 55% to 65%. Quality of production corresponds to export standards. Profitability of production is moderate – approximately 8%. To increase the profitability it is necessary to sell the wastage or to find another sensible usage of it. This can lift the profitability up three times. It is most effective to work with preliminary barked production and to market the wastage in the form of chips for a pulp plant, while using furnace chips and rind for drying the finished commodity of sawmilling. In general one can note that the expenses on organization of processing are much lower than the expenses on logging.

Marketing of the final commodity of sawmilling allows reducing the expenses on the railroad transportation of production up to 2 times, which is very significant due to constant growth of railroad rates. (Appendix 11).