10. Numerical modeling of both experimental enterprise and diverse variants of logging enterprises using modern equipment and considering possible seasonality of work

The program of numerical modeling consists of tree-like structure of objects (units of equipment, employees, working parties, lots in general, etc.), which describes the structure of an enterprise and integrator. Each object can have arbitrary number of properties (level of salary, consumption of petroleum products, rate of output etc.). Properties of object have name and value. The value of a property can be either defined by a number, or by a formula on PL-SQL (for example, calculation of amortization of fixed assets is based on their value and applied amortization coefficient). During the calculation of a property’s value properties of the same name and tree’s sublevel can be summed up (total amount of salary of the upper timber landing is based on the sums of brigades’ salaries).

The structure describes the enterprise’s characteristics, properties of each month of the year, and general properties of the region, which are necessary to be taken into consideration during the simulation. The integrator is written on the macro language of KAR-BookK system and reflects movement of production through the stages of the technological cycle, expenses for its manufacture, schedule of income arrival and movement of funds on the settlement account. Integration step equals one month, period of integration is one year from the 1st of January to the 31st of December inclusive. A solution is considered stable if the initial data on the 1st of January is equal to the aggregate result. Up to this moment many enterprises with diverse technologies were simulated. (Appendix 8).