7. Approbation of various systems of payment, production and control management

It is widely believed that in the logging industry the level of salary depends on the fulfilled work (cubic content of felled and transported timber). However, this belief is erroneous. Due to existing traditions, every official tries in an explicit or implicit form to equalize the wages of the staff. Personal opinion of an official, his interest in preservation of skilled staff has a dramatic effect on the distribution of salary and its level. In connection with this, adequate efficiency from the working parties and proper payments for the volumes of output can be obtained only by sensible integration of stages of work into the common assignment for a subdivision, which would include into the piece-rate auxiliary stages (routine repairs, equipment maintenance, etc.), and also awarding bonuses for saving of material resources. For example, when adding the employees, which are responsible for road condition, to the transportation brigade, expenses on timber-carrying roads maintenance reduce noticeably, while their quality improves. (Appendix 7).